Team Mary

team mary pic
team mary pic

We've come a long way since 2012 when I was a goofy looking guy in spandex trying to raise money for Benaroya Research Institute by entering a triathlon. Many wonderful people have joined the fight against autoimmune diseases since then.

With the help of some amazing new Team Mary members, we put together two great items that made a lot of money for BRI at the annual Grapes on Green auction last August.

Hello Hollywood: A Closed Set Visit to the "The Middle", a VIP Tour of Warner Brothers Studios, and two tickets to "Dancing with the Stars."

Aloha, Hawaii: a seven-day stay at the world famous Halekulani Hotel with VIP tickets to the Sony Golf Tournament.

We are very grateful to Lucky Coffee Production, the Halekulani Hotel, and Alaska Airlines for their support.

Through the auction and direct donations to BRI in support of Team Mary, we brought in an incredible $55,000 this year, $140,000 over four years. Your support has made a huge difference in the lives of millions of people. Let's keep going!

Everyone is touched by autoimmune diseases in some way. You may have one. If not you, someone in your family or in your circle of friends probably does. My wife continues to fight her diseases: Mary was hospitalized twice last year. Let's do something to change things.

Please go to BRI's website at, click the "Donate" button, then click the "To Give Online or Mail a Gift." Under the Honorary Information Section, designate that your donation is in support of Mary Kastner.

If you want to skip the website all together, mail a donation to:

Benaroya Research Institute
c/o Virginia Mason Foundation
1218 Terry Avenue
P. O. Box 1930, D1-MF
Seattle, Washington 98111-1930

Please note on the check, that the donation is for the Benaroya Research Institute and in support of Mary Kastner.

Thanks so much for your support! Go Team Mary!

Grapes on the Green
Chuck and Mary Kastner, speaking at the Grapes on the Green, August 22, 2014. The auction brought in $555,000 for BRI, a big jump from the $375,000 it raised last year.