Welcome to my website. I have spent the last fourteen years learning and writing about the 1928 and 1929 Bunion Derbies, the two great trans-America footraces that set the standard for courage and perseverance in the face of impossible odds. The University of New Mexico Press published my history of the 1928 footrace across America in 2007. Syracuse University Press published my book about the 1929 footrace in the spring of 2015. I've also contributed chapters to two books dealing with my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer as well as writing about the Bunion Derbies for and Marathon and Beyond and Northwest Runner magazines.

In spring 2015, my first book was released as a digital audiobook from University Press Audiobooks.

There are other exciting things in the works --- check back often for developments.

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Charles' New Book

"This book reveals how C. C. Pyle and so many others who are part of our strong national ultramarathoning history persevered in such challenging times! Wonderfully inspiring!"
- Gary Theriault, ultramarathoner and ten-time Kona Ironman triathlon finisher

"It reads like a tale of shipwreck survivors adrift at sea. Yet these men could end their suffering at any time. They chose not to because they saw a better future, a chance to deepen their human experience, or both at the finish line. Kastner's commitment to accurate historical documentation combined with gripping personal accounts of the race make for a compelling and motivating story."
- Kevin Patrick, Washington, DC, reporter and ultramarathoner

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Audiobook Now Available

Charles' first book is now available as an audiobook for the first time! Download it from

"No writer owns a swath of history the way Chuck Kastner owns the wildly crazy C. C. Pyle Bunion Derbies. The inaugural race was a truly American epic: from its massive scope to the fact that it was dominated by a handful of second-rate runners who decided there was no future in continuing the underdog role. Chuck's book makes you want to schedule your next vacation for Route 66, there to relive the zaniness of the heroics of 1928."
- Rich Benyo: Editor, Marathon and Beyond Magazine